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Monday, January 03, 2005

Strategic Graphic Design: Think Business

In the business world, graphic design is frequently an afterthought, considered decoration to be added once the strategy has been set. This can be minimized if graphic designers learn to integrate process, incorporate research and speak to their audience in business terms. I learned how effective this approach could be in developing the brand identity for the new wound care product of a medical devices company. Effectively positioning the product to stand out in a crowded category of well-established competitors was only possible because the client believed in taking a strategic design approach from the outset.

I requested to review the market research and clinical studies of the product and studied the competitors' approaches. When designs were presented to the client, positioning each in terms of the business need allowed the client to understand how the identity and packaging would drive the success of his product and made the presentation less about the subjective attitudes each person has about color, type and other graphic choices.

Ultimately, a strategic graphic design approach based on research enabled rapid development (4 days from concept to presentation), made the client happy and launched a brand identity that energized the marketplace.
Joseph Mann Monday, January 03, 2005


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