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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Useful Metrics: How Hot is that Lead? (Part I)

One of the challenges I have in my job is how to get a sense of where we stand with each lead not only from the moment it came in house (ie: how “hot” it was), but at various points in the lead life cycle.

I created the Lead Interest Index (LIX) to provide an objective measure of a lead’s priority as well as to gauge the interest level of a lead relative to other leads. If sales rep resources to investigate leads are scarce, it may also serve as a guide for prioritization of lead follow-ups. Because interest level may change over the course of the lead development lifecycle, this metric can be seen as a snapshot of a particular lead on a given date.

Since the Lead Interest Index for a single lead event gauges how “hot” a lead is at that moment, a series of LIX data points over time will give a sense of how the lead is progressing (ie: is it “cooling off”?). It can also provide some predictive intelligence to address fall-off in interest of initially “hot prospects” before the lead is lost to a competitor.

Next: One Way to Calculate the LIX

Joseph Mann Saturday, January 08, 2005


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