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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Online Video Ads Can Drive Brand Awareness AND Support Lead Generation

A recent study by Internet research company Dynamic Logic shows that ads using audio and video create greater brand awareness with less frequency of exposure than other online ad formats. This is not surprising considering that learning professionals have long understood the power of video content in combination with other media to aid in message retention and learning. What is surprising is that according to the study, a single exposure to an audio/video ad increased brand awareness by 10 percentage points versus a 468x60 “leader board” banner ad’s ability to gain 6% only after 10 exposures. When one also factors in video’s significant increases in Message Association, Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent, as indicated in the report, it is surprising that more companies are not pushing more of their budgets into video advertising over other media buys.

However, in today’s business environment where executives are demanding greater marketing accountability, boosting the intangible aspects of a brand’s performance — its Touchpoint Metrics — while important, are no longer enough. In order to influence financial results, true value needs to be delivered to the target audience to move prospects further along the sales cycle. Just as in the early days of the internet “brochureware” business sites did little for the bottom line and were eventually replaced by customer-centric web sites that leveraged the interactive advantages of the Web, repurposing existing 30 second TV spots for playback on the web does not provide much added value.

The real potential for success lies in combining video custom shot and edited for the Web with interactive landing pages and microsites as part of integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns. My own experience in this area included the creation of a series of segments produced for my former employer on outsourced pharmaceutical sales & marketing services called “PDI TV.” Short, interview-format segments with senior company executives on industry topics were developed for Web delivery and integrated not only into the public Web site but also nearly every other landing page built for a specific marketing campaign.

Each PDI TV clip received nearly 1,000 views during a 6-month period and more than 92% of the visitors viewed at least one clip. Clearly not only was brand awareness being built, but during this time lead volume increased from 3 per week to an average of 23 leads per week. I believe the key to this success is due at least in part to ensuring that video on the Web is less about promotional advertising and more about showing prospects information they can use to move their businesses forward. Providing this information not only positions you as a thought-leader in the industry, but also builds trust, laying the foundation for the long-term success of your customer relationships.
Joseph Mann Sunday, March 06, 2005


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